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Common Window Questions

Bathroom windows are subject to excessive moisture from showers and baths. This moisture condenses quickly on any cool surface so the bathroom windows may fog while other windows remain clear. Use a bath exhaust fan to remove moisture.

To Measure Width:  With the window open, measure the distance between the left jamb and right jamb. Inside the track where the window sash slides up and down.

To Measure Height: With the window open measure from the lowest point of the bottom of your window sill to the top of the window opening (header) inside the top of the frame.

When an interior window leaks warm moist air, moisture condenses on the tighter end of the window sill on the cooler storm.

“Steam” (Condensation) occurs when invisible water vapor in the air condenses on the cool glass. Windows and metal window frames tend to be the coolest surfaces in our homes so moisture forms there first – just like condensation beads up on the outside of your ice-cold lemonade glass in the summertime.

Condensation requires a cool surface and moisture in the air. This moisture is measured as a percent of the total amount that the air will hold at a specific temperature, and the percentage is known as relative humidity. Warmer air holds more moisture and cooler air holds less moisture.

Windows fog up in the early morning because lower overnight temperatures cool the glass below the dew point. When the outside temperature rises later on the day, the glass warms and condensation disappears as visible moisture evaporates into invisible air vapor.

This normally occurs on the inside of the storm windows. Prevailing wind creates pressure on the side of your home facing the wind and creates a negative pressure on the downwind side. (The same principle causes high and low pressure around an airplane wing and creating lift).

If windows are not a perfect fit, it can leak some air. Windows facing the wind tend to allow cold, dry exterior air to leak in. This keeps these storm windows dry.

On the downwind side, warm and moist interior air tends to leak from the inside window and can be trapped by the cold storm. The moist air condenses on inside of the storm. (This is the window you want to keep slightly open to ventilate your home because the air will always push out without a draft.)

All storm windows should have “weep holes” at the lowest point of the window frames to allow condensation to drain from between the windows. These small weep holes can also ventilate the space and reduce condensation. Sealing the interior window will help eliminate condensation on the storm windows.

For some lucky homeowners, window condensation is just a temporary annoyance. A few weeks after the heating season begins, interior air dries and condensation stops forming on windows.

In other homes, though condensation continues, becoming a  serious problem. Water runs off the windows and damages wood surfaces. Ice may form on windows and frames. Storm windows remained fogged up and icy all winter as water ponds between the frames. This serious condition needs to be addressed before it rots wood, supports mildew grown, and damages the home structures.

Common Cabinet Questions

Yes, we’ve been expertly installing cabinets since 2003. We sell cabinets at wholesale prices to contractors as well as homeowners. Get your cabinets installed at wholesale prices. Schedule an estimate.

Painting cabinets can look fun! Some projects call for a trendy new look. Hey, as long as you’re able to have quality in an old cabinet you should do it! BUT if you are not so lucky to be able to save vintage cabinets, then we are here for you! Replace your old cabinets with new semi-custom solid wood cabinets that have self slamming doors and self-closing drawers and prices that can’t be beat… Yes, please!

The cabinets are all made to order per design. If you do not have one Acme can design one for you. If you have a drawing send it over. Someone from our staff would be more than happy to help you.

  • Know if you need to move any plumbing or electrical
  • Know the locations of your outlets
  • Know your with and length and height of your room
  • Know where your windows are and the size of the window

Yes, we do! We offer a large selection of granite countertops, marble, quarts of the highest quality. We partnered with exceptional emporiums and fabricators to complete any project to its fullest potential. – Take a look at our gallery to see for yourself.


What our clients say

I like to support locally and Acme Windows has been around for a long time. They did my windows and just completed my kitchen. WOW !!! I enjoy doing business with them and wish them much success in the future.

by Karla Guzmen

Working with Acme and their staff is always fun, and I never have to worry about the quality of their workmanship. They will surely do the best for you that I can say for sure.

by Zack Micheals

My family and I had to make a decision to invest in our home with new windows. We did it with Acme Windows and are extremely impressed from start to finish. We now have energy-saving windows in our home. We have saved so much money in our heating and cooling cost the windows literally pay for themselves! Thank you, Acme!

by M.E.D

They have great pricing, service, and awesome people to work it!

by Leah Nixon

Great company to work with! They have a variety of windows to offer and other wholesale supplies such as PPE. Check them out!

by Ellen Bacerra
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